We want you to enjoy your portraits for many years to come.  For this reason clothing choice is important.  What may be fashionable now can look very dated and unfashionable in just a few years.  Think about the style of portrait you would like, formal or casual, indoor or outside, and chose clothing to suit.  To create timeless portraits we recommend simple, comfortable clothing choices such as clean, ironed jeans or khakis and solid neutral coloured shirts.  Avoid overly bright colours, busy patterns or logos/words, and clothing which is too tight. 
For family portraits, please try to coordinate colours.  If you are unsure what would work best we are happy to discuss your ideas. 
For newborn portraits we recommend several spare items of clothing both for the baby and any parents, grandparents or siblings who will be included.  After all it's a good idea to be prepared for any little accidents baby may have.  
Bare skin is beautiful for babies and bare feet can look great for a relaxed family portrait.  If wearing shoes please check that they are clean and compliment the chosen outfit. 
If you want a colourful/trendy look for your child then let them have fun with wild colours and favourite costumes or dress up clothes like little supermen or fairies.  Gumboots, hats and umbrellas can be fun for outdoor shots, whatever the weather.
Clothing choice is important for automobile portraits too.  If you want to have your photo taken with your car think about what you will wear, including shoes.  This is one time when logos can work, as long as they are appropriate to your car or club.  Wear a colour which will compliment your car without blending into it.  For example a light blue shirt can look great against a dark blue car.  The same applies if you want your photo taken sitting in your car.  If you have black seats and wear a black shirt you can end up looking like a floating head so choose a lighter colour.